Monday, May 22, 2017

Mother's Day Blessings

My six blessings of being a Mother

Before I begin I must put the caveat out there that My sweet heart is my biggest blessing.  He is the person that keeps me grounded and recently has become my biggest cheerleader.  

But today is Mother’s day and I want to talk about the 6 wonderful blessing in being a mother.

#1.  My first born son.  Wow the beginning of Mother hood.  He is the best son a mother could ask for.  He gives me strength and the desire to continue on.  When I was pregnant with him I prayed he would be a boy.  (I knew my father in-law wouldn’t be happy until I had a son to carry on the family name.  That wasn’t important to me but I thought it would make life easier if the first was a boy)   I had a beautiful healthy baby boy.  He was a charmer and always worried about everything.   He was the favorite in nursery.  One time there was a girl crying and he said to the nursery leader, “Can I go get my mom she will know how to stop her crying?’  I love the faith he had in me at that time.  He has provided my life with so much joy.

#2 My first born Daughter.  When my husband held her for the first time he sang “You are so Beautiful to Me”.  It was love at first site for the two of them.  When my husband needed someone to help him fix something she was right there.  She had some difficulty with her development and we didn’t stop looking until we found answers and had the help she needed.   When you have a child that the Dr’s and experts label as handicapped you are willing to move the world for that child.  She has always loved children, animals and music.  She has always been able to manipulate her father into letting her have any pet she wanted.  I would say no and she would go straight to her dad and then we would have a new cat or Guinea Pig.   But she always took care of the animals.  I didn’t have to help  until she spread her wings and started leaving home.  She has done things that those first Dr’s said she never would.  She has soared.

#3 Oh every mother should have a second son.  It is so much easier than the first but don’t get cocky and think you know what they are up to.  My second son is a lover but he has a gruff exterior.  He has a hard time with contention and wants everyone happy.  It is a bit of an contradiction because he is a great big tease.  When my first son was in First grade he didn’t win a reward for reading and the second son cried all the way to the car.  He just wanted his brother to win.  My second Son wants everyone to be happy and to win but I’m not sure everyone sees that side of him.  This boy…Man now make me happy as I watch his Christ attributes shine.

#4 The baby girl I prayed several years for.  Where do I start.  I found out she was on her way and threw up for the next 8 months.  Then I paced the floor for the next 8 months after that as she screamed.  She has always been independent and a little stubborn.  She likes life on her terms.  When someone tells her no she announces that is exactly what she is going to do.   She has accomplished many things and done it with grace and ease.  She is beautiful and lights up a room.

#5  The baby that didn’t join our family.  I had a stillborn.  That is a sentence that breaks my heart.  I wanted to name him and have everyone acknowledge him but when you have a stillborn nobody knows what to do or say so they prefer you just let it go and move on. It has been over 21 years since he was born/died and every once in a while I still think how old he would be and what he would be up to.  How ever a couple of years ago I had a personal crisis and I really didn't know which direction I should take.  After many hours on my knees I felt the presence of this boy.  I felt that he was there to give me my answer.  I knew what I was supposed to do and over the course of the past couple of years I have felt him close and have felt his strength.

#6 The Grand baby!  WoW!  What a joy it is to have a Granddaughter.  She loves me unconditionally and always smiles when she sees me.  I don't see disappointment or disapproval in her eyes.  Just joy that she can hold my hand, give me a kiss or clap when I use the potty.  Sometimes she cries when her parents take her home and my heart sings.  The other day she took my hand, said "Grandma you are so cute".  She makes me feel so loved and I hope I can always make her feel the same unconditional love.

Since I have so much to be grateful for on Mother's Day.  My sweetheart and I prepared dinner for everyone that wanted to join us.


Caesar's salad
Grilled Lemon Chicken
Fettuccine Alfredo
Parmesan cheese rolls

Never quite got to Dessert.

Alfredo Sauce

1 cup Butter
2 8 oz Cream Cheese
2 cups Milk
2 tablespoons Flour
1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese
1 tsp garlic powder  (I prefer fresh minced garlic)  
1 tsp basil
1 tsp Oregano
2 Tablespoons Vinegar

Mix and heat on med heat until melted and hot.  Serve over Fettuccini  noodles.  Then save the left overs for a great white Pizza sauce.  It would also make a great dipping sauce for chicken Calzones.

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